What to Expect

(Please scroll down to learn what you can expect from our center, from acupuncture treatment, from your health symptoms, what you can expect it to cost, etc.  Thank you.)

What You Can Expect from About Chi Acupuncture.

When you decide to come to About Chi Acupuncture for treatment you step into a different type of health care. The type of acupuncture that is practiced at About Chi is Five Element Acupuncture, this type of acupuncture is a very safe, very simple, very powerful form of medicine. It is based in nature and is very gentle in all of its movements within your body, mind and spirit. As you meet your practitioner and develop a healing relationship you both promise to work together so that you can reach your best health. The practitioner will promise to support your best health with a needle treatment that enhances the changes and ideas that you have already implemented. You may promise to add new practices to your life; or may you adjust what is already a part of your regimen. It is a health care system where the patient is at the epicenter of healing- not the insurance company, not the practitioner and not the symptom.

What You Can Expect Involving Treatment.

When you add acupuncture into your life, you make the commitment to come to see your practitioner on a weekly basis for about eight weeks. Then acupuncture treatments occur less frequently. Those first eight weeks are used to determine your energetic composite, or how your personal energy “chi” moves throughout your system. The first treatment is a Traditional Diagnosis, during the traditional diagnosis the practitioner will ask you a lot of questions about many different things-not just you health history. He or she will also do an acupuncture physical exam. This exam consist of palpating your abdomen, reading the 12 pulses that you have in your wrist, testing how your energy runs on your left side versus your right side and some other measurement tools that will help to determine the most effective route to your best health.

During the subsequent treatments the practitioner will try to help you find the baseline for your energy. They may do some treatments that are meant to help clear out old useless energy. They may do some treatments that even out how efficiently your chi is flowing. They may do some treatments that build your energy or move your energy around so it is more balanced and even. Once you and your practitioner have determined that you are at a good place energetically then you will reduce your treatments. It may reduce down to once every two weeks, or three weeks or to once a month and finally you will only need to come about once a season. Of course if you need some support during a hard time emotionally, physically or spiritually then you are welcome to come more often.  It is not the goal of Five Element Acupuncturist to have you become “addicted” to acupuncture or have you reliant on a system of medicine that “fixes” you. During your acupuncture treatments you will begin to notice the little things that guide your health. You will begin to see patterns within you and you will learn how you can enhance you life yourself by maintaining your best health.

What to expect to happen with your symptoms.

If you are like the majority of people you are thinking about utilizing acupuncture because you have a symptom that you would like to see change. It may be a physical symptom such as a sore lower back, asthma, addiction or arthritis. It may be a symptom that affects your mind; like depression, lack of focus or creativity, “obsessive-compulsive” behavior or many other conditions of the mind. Or it may be of a spiritual nature, perhaps you haven’t been able to work through some grief, anger, or fear. Maybe you don’t have as much hope or faith or will as you would like. Regardless of the symptom that you are presenting, acupuncture can help you shift your realities. Acupuncture is about movement- when chi has a hard time moving a symptom happens. So it only makes sense that when you help your chi regain movement your symptom will shift.

Even though we recognize the body, the mind and the spirit are equal parts of a person- we would never minimize any symptom you are experiencing. We would use that symptom to track how treatments are serving you and you would learn how to recognize the things that aggravate the symptom, the things that signal an onset of the symptoms and the things that alleviate the different aspects of the symptoms. In essence we work to reduce the symptom while you recognize the different things that effect the symptom. We never promise that we will get rid of a symptom, but we do promise that we will work with you as you get to your best health.

What you can expect to pay.
Traditional Diagnosis- $120.00. The traditional diagnosis is the initial two hour exam where the practitioner and the patient meet. The practitioner will do several acupuncture measurement test that will help determine the course of treatment. There will be no needles used during the initial visit.

Acupuncture Treatments- $70.00. The subsequent treatments will last about an hour and will entail a needle treatment.

If you have priced acupuncture visits in the past, you may notice that these prices are a little lower than the normal and customary fees. This reduction of cost is designed to thank the patient for paying with check, cash or money order. About Chi does not accept credit cards or credit. Often times you may be able to offer a barter to your practitioner but that is something to be discussed directly with your practitioner.

Many insurance companies are now offering acupuncture services as part of their services. About Chi Acupuncture will gladly accept full payment and give you a receipt with a diagnostic code so that you can be reimbursed from your insurance companies. About Chi Acupuncture does not do the paperwork or submission of paperwork to insurance companies, in order to handle all of the paperwork from all of the different insurance companies we would not be able to maintain the lower prices of treatment.

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