Rhonda Sapp, L.Ac., M.Ac.

Rhonda Sapp, L.Ac., M.Ac.

Rhonda Sapp, L.Ac., M.Ac., NADA-certified:

Hello, my name is Rhonda Sapp. I am the Associate Director of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Programs at Maryland University of Integrative Health. I am also the owner, director and senior acupuncturist at About Chi Acupuncture Center. I hope I can answer any questions you may have concerning acupuncture services.

I received my Master’s of Acupuncture at the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia, Maryland. (TAI – SOPHIA is now Maryland University of Integrative Health.) I was a member of the February class of ’97.

The type of acupuncture that I practice is called Five-Element Acupuncture (also known as Five Element or Classical Acupuncture).  It is a safe, simple, very powerful form of acupuncture. In Five-Element Acupuncture (again, Five Element or Classical Acupuncture), the focus of treatment is on the person, not on the person’s symptoms. This holistic form of medicine is an extremely gentle nurturing way to take care of yourself. This is not to say that I minimize the presence of a symptom, I simply use the symptom as it changes to help me track how treatment is affecting the body.

The type of philosophy I adhere to when I am practicing acupuncture is that I am one half of the healing relationship that is established with the patient. Both the patient and I have very important roles; the patient has the responsibility to communicate with me honestly, to try to perhaps adjust parts of their lifestyles and to observe the phenomena that occur within their body, mind and spirit. My responsibility is to help the patient build and efficiently move their energy in a way that will enhance all aspects of the body, mind and spirit. Within treatment we also talk about ways that the patient can achieve the same effect while they are not necessarily in that acupuncture treatment room.

Please contact me with any questions you feel that I have not addressed here.  You can reach me by email at Rhonda AT AboutChi DOT com or you can reach me by phone at (443) 570-3710. Thanks and have a wonderful, chi-filled day.


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